2 thoughts on “Issue 1 Page 24

  1. Hi there. I really like your webcomic so far. however two problems with it:
    -I seem to be missing a ‘previous’ button
    -somtimes clicking on ‘next’ opens a new tab instead of just changing the page.

    I will look forward to see where this is going, keep it up !

    • Hi Florian

      First off–thanks for checking out Charlatan! Glad you like the story and I hope you enjoy what we have in store for Augie, Mary and little Lucy.

      Second–thanks for your comments on the links. I have gone into the site this morning and corrected both issues–you should now see a “Previous” button at the bottom of each page and none of the links should open up a new page. Really appreciate the feedback and I hope these changes make it better for all Charlatan readers. Regards, Gilby

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