Watch out Flash. Better take notice, Zoom…

Empyria’s has it’s own Speedster!  (And we think he’s just a wee bit faster).  In this week’s page, we introduce…

The Instant!

Empyria's Speedster

Empyria’s Speedster

Tired of those (“yawn“) buff speedsters with angular jawlines who seem to dominate comics these days?  Then feast your eyes on none other than Empyria’s newly minted speedster–The Instant.

Yes, he is wearing old sneakers.  Yes, he is sporting an ill-fitted polyester track suit.  And yes, he sometimes struggles with saying “no” to the dessert cart, but hey, Issue 4 Page 16 is his first stab at this whole superhero thing.  Give him a break!

He’ll get better at this hero thing.

Actually, he HAS to get better or Augie and the city of Empyria aren’t going to survive the night!

Interview on


Just a quick update to share that my interview with Ian Yarington at is now up on the site and you can read it HERE.  In the interview I get the opportunity to talk about Charlatan, Ozmatic Comics, an upcoming project I am working on with Kasey Quevedo, and a bunch of other comics-related things.


Many thanks to Ian and the team at for letting me share some thoughts about my projects and independent publishing.

4 Villains

So Issue 4 Page 6 is up this week and it was a blast to write and to see where Zeu would go with the characters.  The reason I enjoyed it so much was that it is four different “movie screen” panels, each of which gives a glimpse of villains in the Charlatan universe.

In Issue 3, readers have already been introduced to Mourning Glory and Leviathan, but there are a couple of other villains shown here who have yet to make there way into the storyline–one of whom will become revealed as a recurring threat for Veronica Two-Women.

So, hope you are enjoying this update on how the revelation of the new Defuwan has had repercussions on Earth and next week we return with the first Charlatan appearance of Stray!

2015 Jet City Comic Show

Very excited to be in the Artist Alley this weekend at the Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma, WA.


Jet City

This will be the second year in a row that I will be sharing a table with the very talented Kasey Quevedo (Table AA-052) who will be bringing issues 1, 2, and 3 of his comic Velocidad (you can check it out HERE on his website).  We had a great time at Jet City last year and this time it should be double the fun as the show will increase to 2 full days.

I will have copies of the original Charlatan: Preludes graphic novel on hand and rumor has it there might be some digital “treats” available at our table over this Halloween weekend.


“Charlatan: Homecoming” Begins

Charlatan 4 Cover

About a month ago I posted the ending of the third issue of Charlatan which closed the 3-issue Preludes storyline.  Today, we begin Charlatan #4 which launches into the Homecoming storyline.  Both Preludes and Homecoming are 3 issue “mini-arcs” which, when combined, tell the origin story of the One Defender on the alien homeworld and then bring the action back to Earth where the implications of Lucy being revealed as the next universal champion are beginning to be emerge.

And for Issue 4, I am trying something new.  On this site (my personal one), I will continue to post page updates of Charlatan #4 throughout the year, updating the issue as a regular webcomic.

However, if you would like to download the entire issue 4 now, I am offering DRM-free PDF downloads on allowing you to “NAME THE PRICE” that you think is fair for the issue.   The link to Charlatan #4 can be found here: Charlatan #4

In fact, if you have been a webcomic reader of Charlatan on this site and want to own PDF copies of the book for your digital collection or want to support the book, all 4 issues of Charlatan are available for download and purchase as DRM-free PDFs on

With the Halfords back on Earth we get to explore a whole new universe of heroes and villains who have emerged as a result of the revelation of the new Defuwan.   I couldn’t be more excited to be able to share issue 4 with readers and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Introducing…Ozmatic Comics!

Ozmatic Logo

I am excited to announce that today marks the launch of Ozmatic Comics, a digital publishing imprint that will offer Charlatan readers the ability to download DRM-free PDF versions of Charlatan issues.

Not only will readers be able to download PDFs, but Ozmatic also allows readers to download those comics on a “Name Your Price” basis.  So whatever readers feel is a fair price for the digital comics they order can be set when downloading them, including the option to download Charlatan comics for free.  Digital downloads of issues are provided via SendOwl.

I will be sharing more info on Ozmatic over the coming days, but for current webcomic readers who would like to be able to download full issues of Charlatan onto their tablet, mobile device, or computer, I hope that Ozmatic will provide a great option.

More to come soon!

Rose City Comic Con

Very excited to be attending the Rose City Comic Con this weekend in Portland, OR.  I will be traveling down with the super talented Kasey Quevedo who will be selling copies of his books Velocidad and Crossings (you can check out the amazing space action of Velocidad HERE ).


If you are a Charlatan reader, please swing by Artist’s Alley, Table P7,  where I can be found when I am not attending panels to gain invaluable intel on the upcoming seasons of Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow (less than 3 weeks away!).