Issue 4: That’s a Wrap!

OK, just posted the final page of Charlatan Issue 4 .

I have always loved superhero stories in which the hero is weakened and facing seemingly insurmountable odds against a powerful foe, yet he or she rises to the occasion.  That is exactly where we leave Augie at the end of Issue 4.  Exhausted.  Barely able to channel a portion of his daughter’s power. A nobody who hopes to stand against a psychopath in an armored battlesuit.

And yet he will attempt to take on Deadalus while the fate of the city hangs in the balance, even though he knows his life is in grave danger.

Hope you enjoyed the end of Issue 4 and that you are looking forward to the upcoming battle that will pit the One Defender against Deadalus to determine the fate of Empyria!



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