Watch out Flash. Better take notice, Zoom…

Empyria’s has it’s own Speedster!  (And we think he’s just a wee bit faster).  In this week’s page, we introduce…

The Instant!

Empyria's Speedster

Empyria’s Speedster

Tired of those (“yawn“) buff speedsters with angular jawlines who seem to dominate comics these days?  Then feast your eyes on none other than Empyria’s newly minted speedster–The Instant.

Yes, he is wearing old sneakers.  Yes, he is sporting an ill-fitted polyester track suit.  And yes, he sometimes struggles with saying “no” to the dessert cart, but hey, Issue 4 Page 16 is his first stab at this whole superhero thing.  Give him a break!

He’ll get better at this hero thing.

Actually, he HAS to get better or Augie and the city of Empyria aren’t going to survive the night!