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Just a quick update to share that my interview with Ian Yarington at is now up on the site and you can read it HERE.  In the interview I get the opportunity to talk about Charlatan, Ozmatic Comics, an upcoming project I am working on with Kasey Quevedo, and a bunch of other comics-related things.


Many thanks to Ian and the team at for letting me share some thoughts about my projects and independent publishing.

4 Villains

So Issue 4 Page 6 is up this week and it was a blast to write and to see where Zeu would go with the characters.  The reason I enjoyed it so much was that it is four different “movie screen” panels, each of which gives a glimpse of villains in the Charlatan universe.

In Issue 3, readers have already been introduced to Mourning Glory and Leviathan, but there are a couple of other villains shown here who have yet to make there way into the storyline–one of whom will become revealed as a recurring threat for Veronica Two-Women.

So, hope you are enjoying this update on how the revelation of the new Defuwan has had repercussions on Earth and next week we return with the first Charlatan appearance of Stray!