Jet City Comic Show Wrap-up

Had an awesome time at last weekend’s Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma.  Kasey Quevedo and I were in our seats when the doors opened at 10 AM, but pretty soon were on our feet and didn’t sit down again behind the table for the rest of the convention.  There was a consistently steady flow of comic fans throughout the day and we had a great time talking to people who stopped by Artist’s Alley.  Plus, I almost…almost…gave away all of the remaining Twizzlers I had left over from Halloween (which was a lofty personal goal).

Aside from talking about our books with attendees who stopped by, a few highlights of the day:

Our table was next to the very talented Brian Joines, writer of both Krampus! from Image and Imagine Agents from Boom! Studios.  It was nice to be able to chat with Brian during the rare times when things slowed down for a few minutes.

I met local comic creator Jordan Kotzebue and was able to pick-up the first four issues of his comic Hominids which he is also serializing as a webcomic.   Started the first issue and could not stop until I had read all four–remarkable art and story.

Portland comic writer Dan Siger stopped by and I also picked up a print copy of issue #1 of his book, Midnight’s Masque.  The book was a very compelling intro to a unique fantasy world and I am really looking forward to issue #2.

To the left of our table was Thomas W. Emerson who was at the con to talk about his sci-fi novel R.E.birth and its soon-to-come-out sequel, R.E.solve.  It was great having the chance to chat with Thomas and learn about his novel and upcoming projects.

Across the aisle and to the left was Christopher Sebela and it was nice to be able to run over for a minute and share my admiration for  High Crimes (written by Christopher with beautiful artwork by Ibrahim Moustafa) from Monkeybrain.  High Crimes issue #8 just came out this week on Comixology and it was, true-to-form, a breathtaking, gripping and grim read.

And, of course, sitting next to Kasey and seeing him do some sketches of my favorite Velocidad characters was also a really awesome thing.

All-in-all, the Jet City Comic Show was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to returning next year.

Jet City Comic Show – November 8

Jet City

This upcoming Saturday, November 8, I will be in Artist’s Alley, Booth G-04, at the Jet City Comic Show.  Jet City is being held in Tacoma, WA and if it is anything like last year, promises to a great opportunity for people who love comics to get together for some fun.

For anyone who has been reading Charlatan on this site and wants to skip to the end of Issue 3 weeks before it hits the web, I will have copies of the first edition Charlatan: Preludes trade paperback (which combines Issues 1-3) for sale at the booth on Saturday.

I am also excited to be sharing the table on Saturday with the very talented Kasey Quevedo who is the creator of the webcomic Velocidad.  Velocidad is an action-packed story featuring “Bikers in Space” and if you haven’t read it yet, the webcomic can be found here:  Rumor has it that Kasey will have a limited print run of Velocidad #1 at our booth.

If you are at the show, please take a minute to stop by and say “hi.”  And if you are a reader of either Charlatan or Velocidad, Kasey and I would love to hear your feedback on our comics.

We hope to see you in Tacoma!