Submission Time!

Thought I would share a picture of some color copies of Charlatan Issues 1-4 just before they were sent out to a publisher as part of a submission package.  Fingers crossed that Charlatan might be coming soon to a comic shop near you.



And I guess those covers might count technically as “sneak peeks” at the future in store for our hero!

The End (of Issue 1) Is Near!


After 14 weeks of posting pages on the site, Friday brings the conclusion of Charlatan Issue 1 online (whew!).  Thanks to everyone who has been along for the ride–sincerely hope you enjoyed the first issue.

I hope you will check out Issue 2 in which both the action and the consequences of Issue 1’s revelations get taken to a whole new level.  Dark days lie ahead for the Halford family and for the very universe itself.

And as we near the end of our first issue, I also want to ask that you to please mention Charlatan to a friend (or friends) if you have been enjoying the story.  Would love to have Charlatan reach as many potential readers as possible and anything you might do to pass the word along would be appreciated!