Saturday Morning Housekeeping

Did some work on the site in my jammys this morning to clean up a couple of issues related to page links that were surfaced by a friendly reader in comments (thanks again).


No “Previous” Buttons

My particular WP theme isn’t optimized for webcomics so I am trying to do some creative workarounds to make it work (in the words of that modern-day philosopher, Tim Gunn).  And since I am trying to post pages 2 days a week I need those workarounds to be pretty easy to replicate on each page.  This morning I figured out an easy way to add a “Previous” button close to the Next button at the bottom of every page.  Hopefully this will make reading Charlatan a better experience for all.

Some Links Open a New Window

I had a couple of random pages (Yes, I’m talking about you Page 13 & 14) that opened up a new window when the reader clicked “Next” to go to the next page.  I have tracked those links down and had a very stern conversation with them.  They now see the error of their ways and promise me it won’t happen again.